You may select any of the options to contribute and you shall get all the updates regularly. Also anytime if you plan a visit to Jaipur, you shall be our guest to visit WeCan Schools and experience the fragrance of your noble gesture.


Thus, we seek your support in this noble endeavour to change the society by providing education to those sections of societies, who need it, the most. With you joining hands, we’re sure to take this number from 1047 to one million in no time.


When more parents come telling us that they would want their child to study in our school but they can’t afford to pay fee, and we feel financial constraint, as we’ve already stretched ourselves; it pains. WeCan Schools have experience and expertise. WeCan, as a society has its limits to provide fee concessions.


Our policy has been to provide concessions and scholarships to as many students as possible. An overview of the past 3 academic sessions shall reflect our bit for the society.

2013-14: Out of 1422 students, 563 were provided fee concessions or scholarships amounting Rupees 1.8 million.

2014-15: Out of 1967 students, 776 were provided fee concessions or scholarships amounting Rupees 3 million.

2015-16: Out of 2650 students, 1047 have been provided fee concessions or scholarships amounting Rupees 4.8 million.

2016-17: Out of 2900 students, 1845 have been provided fee concessions or scholarships amounting Rupees 7.5 million.

2017-18: Out of 3300 students, 2195 have been provided fee concessions or scholarships amounting Rupees 8 million.


Gradually, the mindset has changed. Parents are now keen to send their children to our Schools. From 2006 to 2017, we have grown from a school with 40 students to 8 schools with 3300 students. Keeping our commitment for the vulnerable sections of the society, 6 out of 8 schools and 2800 students are in these localities.


In 2007, we started a Centre of our school at Babu Ka Tiba, Ramganj where awareness for education was very low. Most of the area is inhabited by the workers of the famous industry of semi precious stones and silver jewellery of Jaipur. It took us a while and rigorous pursuance to convince them to send their children to a school where medium of instructions is English. Getting good teachers to those areas is still a challenge and we are doing that by providing higher salaries and conveyance at their doorstep.


Soon we realised that there are ignored areas and localities in the city. The reason was that majority of the people residing in these areas do not have paying capacity. We took this challenge and resolved to provide the same quality of education to the children of financially weaker sections of the society. For we believe as Nelson Mandela said, that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world for better.


WeCan Society was registered on December 15, 2003 under Societies Registration Act 1956, at Jaipur in India. In 2006, it started a School with the motto to provide quality education to the future generations. We got overwhelming response from parents and by the second session we had more than a hundred students.