Oleksandr Paklomov (Russia)

I expected to get a good job in India and I got it at WECAN. Thank you for experience I will never forget… !!

Ula Nawra ( Poland)

It was a wonderful experience to deliver information about my country, Poland , to children. I found them very smart and curious about my culture and family and it was a really a big pleasure for me to share that with others.

Ingrid (Brazil)

I loved the workshop and the interaction and cultural exchange with the children of Jaipur….!!

Peng Yi Fan (China)

Amazing school with the advanced teaching ways and ideas. I think there has the best atmosphere for children to grow up. I love WeCan School.

Wang Liang Chieh (Taiwan)

Amazing Children. They are cute and smart they ask clever question and they show their curiosity. It’s my pleasure to give a presentation here.

Sandra Mena Riad (Egypt)

“wecan” I believe you do can. Young enthusiastic teachers, Great, ambitious vision. Well planned implementation, Smart eager to learn kids. You Can.

Irina Lutcenko (Russia)

Thank you for everything…!! We had a very good time in your school…. It’s fantastic…!! Hope to see u in future. I will miss you all so much…!!

Chelsea Nelson (Canada )

What a month!!!! I had an incredible month at Delhi Bypass location and learned so much. The kids (little Trouble Marker) Were challenging at time…. but the sweetest and most eager littile mundikins  Get ready to laugh learn and seat…… Hope to be back one day………WeCan is doing amazing thing in Jaipur.

Alyce Cleary (Australia)

Overall an amazing 6 months with WeCan. The staff and students were a pleasure to work with. The exchange of knowledge between the staff and i was very valuable and showed almost instant improvement in classrooms. I would highly recommend the experience of interning to anyone else considering it.

Lahamsuren (Mongolia)

It was great time for me thanks for everything. I have no experience but it was nice. Those kids are so cute. I will come back again.

Sarah (Germany)

I am incredibly thankful for this amazing experience with such warm and dedicated people!!!! I’ll back soon…..!!

Osorjam (Mongolia)

Thanks a lot… Such a nice memory of those smart children and beautiful Jaipur.

Shanika Weerkkody (Sri Lanka)

It was really an amazing trip and a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the session with kids and thanks a lot for everything. I’ll be missing Jaipur a lot.

Irasara Sonarathne (Sri Lanka)

I had such a wonderful time working with the kids; it was a huge learning experience. I will really miss Jaipur, hope to come back!!

Arpine Galfayan (Armenia)

I will miss you all, my dear colleagues and friends at WeCan. We had ups and downs, difficult and easy times together and i appreciate every moment. This was an amazing life experience and professional experience for me and i got valuable lessons and inspiration for the future. Thank you for being part of my India.

Jasmine Cottam (UK)

My experience as an intern at WeCan has been great. From campaigning for cleanliness through the pink city playing games and singing songs in class. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with students of all ages. This has been an interesting and valuable experience for me.

Samuel Miller (UK)

My time at WeCan has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. Our first day in Jaipur left us stained pink and excited for what our time WeCan was going to hold. As my first teaching experience. it has been both fantastic and challenging, while staff have always been on hand for support a brilliant two months.

Grazi Roderigues (Brazil)

Wean is a very committed organisation working here was my best professional experience as leader and team give you freedom t express your opinion, be relative improve the methods and so much more…!! I am very happy that I met such nice people in WeCan, Thank you a lot…!!

Elena Flegontova (Russia)

Coming for an interesting to India and Joining WeCan Kindersley was one of the best decision in my life. Education is a key factor to all social issues. I was happy to see in India the school with passionate, dedicated teachers and bright, talented and creative children . It makes me believe that India has a bright future. Teachers of WeCan made me feel home and became my real friends and students of WeCan made me realise that I love children and want to work more in education field. I know that I will miss all people that I met here so much and I wish my students to fulfil all their dreams and to grow up to the adults and that can make a real change.

Flore Giradeau (France)

My second time in “WeCan School” and still happy to be part of the team…. I really enjoyed this experience, leaving my students is always very hard because I was very proud of their work and efforts during my classes. Their curiosity touched me a lot. Such a beautiful feeling to realize that they loved learning from me and asked for more knowledge. I wish all the students a very successful life and a lot of beautiful things. I would like to tell them that they should remain as curious as they were during my classes and never stop asking question and never feel shameful if they make mistakes. Thanks a lot for this beautiful experience…. Dil se…!! Knowledge is a very powerful weapon….

Naiara Cremasco ( Brazil )

It s being 8 months since I arrived in India and I can say that i spent my best time of all this amazing experience since I started teaching my kids at “WeCan” I was teaching them about the world, but they gave me the world. It was my best experience ever and i will never forget this time. Thank you all for make me happy every single morning at this school and don’t forget me, because I am coming back for sure.

Metka (Slovenia)

I was working with WeCan School for 1 month. It was my first experience with India and also with educaton in India. I must say it has been very different experience, also very amazing. I am so happy that I have met very good people. Also I really like the children at WeCan School, I will miss you all. Thank you for everything what you did for me and for every smile you give it to me…!! keep on…!!

Anna kudriavteeva (Saint Petersburg )

It was an incredible experience of interaction with local kids. Every class as well as every particular minute at school was different and unpredictable. Kids here are the source of happiness and permanent energy. Sometimes it was difficult to control it but in general every day was full of new emotions and funny situations. I wish you to grow more and more….!! Big hug from Russia