Annual sports day

We celebrate our Annual Sports Day during winters before going for the break. It is exercised at Rajasthan university sports ground every year. We organise various competitions for all the classes from PG onwards. These competitions are Inter – House competitions, where we give training to the students prior the event so that they can perform the best. The event is graced by the presence of eminent sport personalities from Domestic and International level.

Sports Day at WeCan Schools instead of WeCan Kindersley is celebrated with the motif that the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person determination. Their journey from the victory stands to turning them into upstanding citizens, the Annual Sports Day has always been an inspiring engagement for WeCan scholars.

Cricket & football

In the extension of our celebration of our 10 th Foundation Day in 2016, WeCan also organised an Inter-House Cricket tournament “Crick-it” for boys and Inter-House Foot ball tournament “loose your shoes” for girls. This feature soon to become a recurring event to motivate the students for these sports.