A child steps into the primary level of the school from the interesting, fun filled and active environment of the pre primary level. He/She is acquainted with the alphabets, numbers and certain basic concepts. His writing skills have developed from holding a pencil to writing sentences. By the time he enters the primary level he is trained to read, write and be aware about his surroundings. This transition from pre primary to primary level is a big leap and an important phase in the life of the child as a student.

WeCan Kindersley as an educational institute understands and realizes the importance of this transition and so every measure is taken to provide a relaxed, active and interactive environment to the students. Academics and activities are blended together to build a strong foundation strengthened by clear concepts.

The salient features of the Academics followed at the Primary level are:

  • The school offers a curriculum according to the National Education Policy and blends it with innovative techniques to meet the global standards.
  • To maintain the academic standard experienced and trained faculty are engaged for teaching.
  • The books selected for every subject go through a rigorous selection procedure. Entire academic team look into the details of each book including the content, design, life skill activities, exercises, font and the layout before finalizing the books.
  • Entire curriculum is divided in a balanced way over the period of one year keeping in mind the syllabus and the number of teaching days available.
  • Unseen passage, Comprehension, Creative writing, etc introduced to enhance the reading, writing and understanding skills of a student.
  • Examination form an integral part of a student’s learning process. Primary level is the introductory level for a student to appear in Formative and Summative examinations. Periodic assessments, Half Yearly and Final examinations are taken in accordance with the guidelines provided by the State Board. Care is taken that exam papers are concept based covering the syllabus and are taken at regular intervals to keep a performance check on the student.
  • The Exam papers are designed to cover various types of objective and subjective questions.
  • Primary level is the first level where a student is introduced to different new ways of depicting answers like diagrams, maps, graphs, etc. It is ensured that students learn the new ways with ease and interest.
  • English is a global language and its importance in today’s world is immense. Realizing the same the school takes extra efforts to enable student to
    understand and communicate confidently in English. English communication, reading and dramatics are introduced at various levels to achieve this purpose. WeCan has also initiated “I LOVE LEARNING ENGLISH” campaign in which special assemblies are organised by various primary classes at regular intervals. Parents are invited to attend the same. Every assembly is conducted completely in English where each participant expresses the love for language through rhymes, reading, dramas, role plays, narration and many more activities. The school ensures that every student participates in such assemblies.
  • Educational activities not only make learning interesting but also allow every student to grasp the concept in a simple manner. The curriculum offers many such activities enabling students to exercise their skills. Events and celebrations are organized to form an integral part of the child’s development during school life. Many Inter – House activities, debates, competitions are also conducted for a complete holistic development of a student.
  • Classes from I to V fall under the primary level because these classes form the foundation years of a student’s academic journey. Clear concepts, confident personality and curious minds are developed through extensive planning and innovative teaching techniques. The school firmly believes in this ideology and religiously follows it to provide quality education.
  • Library, Games and AV periods form a part of the academic time table.
  • School is not just a knowledge hub but it is place to groom young minds in all spheres. Making friends, Cooperating with peers, respecting elders, valuing our culture, working hard with honesty are some of the values which we try to imbibe in every individual.

The passionate academic team of WeCan High School work with a single motto of providing “Wisdom and Knowledge for Bliss”.