Middle School comprises of classes from VI to VIII. It is the phase which is accompanied by lot of changes in a child’s life. During the middle school a child experiences his/her first few teenage years. So it is during this phase that apart from noted physical growth, a child reflects a more mature behaviour. As a student a child knows all the basic concepts in different subjects done at the primary level. His writing and reading skills are well developed. But with growing years his imagination is also growing and the curiosity is increasing manifolds. So a student at middle school is ready to explore and learn more. A sound academic foundation at the middle school forms a strong base for the high school studies.

Middle School Education VI to VIII

The curriculum of Middle School actually aims to produce inspiring, confident and competent learners. Along with scholastic and non- scholastic subjects teachers motivate students to focus on their goals, assimilate knowledge,develop skills and abilities.To meet the challenges of the changing world and to help students become responsible citizens special emphasis is given to encourage group interactions, projects and practical based learning. Exposure to national and international exchange programme offers a pathway to earn advanced skills,recognition and seek avenues for setting their goals and careers.

WeCan Kindersley as an educational institute understands and realizes the importance of these years so every measure is taken to provide a sound and strong academic foundation for the higher studies. The salient features of the Academics followed at the Middle School level are:

  • The school offers a curriculum according to the National Education Policy and blends it with innovative techniques to meet the global standards.
  • To maintain the academic standard experienced and trained faculty are engaged for teaching various subjects.
  • The books are selected in accordance with the syllabus. It is ensured that not only the content but also the lay out, exercises and life skill activities are incorporated in an interesting manner in all the books to strengthen the logical and reasoning skills of the students.
  • The Examination pattern is broadly categorized over Formative and Summative Periodic assessments, Half Yearly and Final exams which are taken over regular intervals apart from the class tests which help students to perform and improve.
  • Testing student skills through various projects, presentations and creative techniques are also a few ways apart from regular exams.
  • The school is affiliated to Rajasthan Board and as per the guidelines given by the Board the students of class V and VIII have to appear in Board examinations. Considering it the school prepares the student and ensures that they face the exam with confidence and ease.
  • The Academic team at Middle School is dedicated to provide a complete English medium exposure to students. Various educational activities like debates, extempore, elocution, enactments and recitation allow students to gain confidence and speak without hesitation. Students are also encouraged to participate in various activities hosted in other schools.
  • Introduction of third language is another salient feature at the middle school. Students are given a choice to select any one language between Urdu and Sanskrit.
  • Learning computer takes a step further during the middle school years. Students are taught to operate the basic computer operations in the Computer lab.
  • Library, Games and AV periods form a part of the academic time table. Science lab provides the opportunity to perform and observe the science practicals for better understanding.
  • Inter House competitions are held regularly developing the spirit of competitiveness amongst students.
  • As students are growing and their quest to learn increases, responsibilities are given to them in different fields. School magazine is designed and created by the editorial team which includes students of middle school. They are given a chance to write articles, poems and express their views. The school Head Boy and Head Girl are also selected from the middle classes.
  • School is not just a knowledge hub but it is place for holistic development of an individual providing him/her all round opportunities. Making friends, cooperating with peers, respecting elders, valuing our culture, working hard with honesty are some of the values which we try to imbibe in every individual.