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Jameel Khan ( Director )

The Executer! As soon as any idea is shared, he has the plan to implement it. The powerhouse of energy; focussed, organised and committed. The Director of WeCan Schools ensures that every task is consummated with excellence. His Master's degree with a Bachelor's in education with distinction, compliments his profile and position at WeCan. From guiding teachers with the latest teaching patterbs, to encouraging students to develop various skills; from selecting the curriculum and books, to monitoring wvery class through screens in his office; from developing the infrastructure to implementing new technology in the academics; his consistent efforts for advancement, assure us of an effulgent future.

Alka Luhadiya ( Academic Head )

After her schooling from MGD Jaipur, she completed her Bachelors in Science, Masters in English literature with Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. With her positivity and futuristic outlook we have been able to revive our Academics. Her energy and precision keeps everybody motivated and we are proud to have her as our Academic Head.The Enthusiast! Her experience and passion for education, her effervescence and continuous motivation keeps the students and staff in a lively mode. Her priority has been to keep academics in place, which she does to perfection in designing curriculum, discipline, extra - curricular activities, human resource development, training the staff and most importantly providing an ambiance of love for learning. Her grasp over the content makes her an avid course designer.

Tarun Kumar ( Administrative Head )

An MBA from the prestigious Poddar Institute of Management and with an experience of more than 10 years gives WeCan an able Administrative Head. He has worked in Japan, China,Zambia and that makes him a prized possession for WeCan. Under his leadership the issues of management are handled with utmost care and correct navigation.

Ridhi Bhartia ( Academic Supervisor & Coordinator )

A master of all trades is our dynamic Academic Head for Pre- primary classes and an Academic Supervisor for all the WeCan schools. She did her Bachelors of Education Honors from the prestigious Loreto College, Kolkata. After that pursued her Masters of Science in Psychology and is a Counselling Psychologist and Therapist as well. She has a rich experience of more than 10 years in the field of education which makes her an asset to the organization. With her consistency, training and never to say no attitude keeps the teachers on their toes.

Rajshri Ranawat ( HR Head )

An organised officer to the core she is handling the Human Resource at WeCan with perfection. Always with a smile and an open ear to the staff, guiding, directing and solving any issues related to the employees thereby helping them in all possible ways. Her ability to recruit the best staff for our schools makes it possible to have a good team.

Dalchand Sharma ( Finance Head )

The Number Cruncher with an M.Com degree and an experience of more than 10 years dealing with accounts is an actuary WeCan is proud of. His managerial skills of dealing with the bookkeepers at all our Centres keeps the finance running at the right direction.

Nigar Khan ( Academic Manager)

An Academic Manager and controller who has an observant eye on the academics.

Zarina Khan ( Administrative Manager )

A Manager who guides at all the Centres with the administrative issues and having a perspective of managing the team.

Meraj Khan ( Activity Manager )

A creative and an active manager for activities dealing with the young minds and organizing the different activities at all the levels thereby creating an aesthetic feeling in the students.