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Prof. Ashwani Kumar

Professor Ashwani Kumar, one of the leading Social Scientist in India has lived in Patna, Delhi, Oklahoma, Texas, London and Bonn. He is presently a professor of Developement studies at Tata institute of Social Science in Mumbai. He was one of the chief editor of London School of Economics (LSE) Year Book on “Global Civil Society`` Poverty and Activism. He served as Member of Central Employment Guarantee Council.

Karim Khan

Man with integrity of the highest level; Foresightedness to counter any challenge; courage to bear the hardship of life without any deterrence; empathy towards the lesser – fortunate and humble to the core. The value – laden individual is the soul of WeCan Organization.

Mohammed Hanif

Mr. Mohammed Hanif is former District Judge and a member of Rajasthan Backward Classes Commission. He has been a notable public servant, philanthropist and a social worker. His contribution to the WeCan World fraternity has been invaluable.

Dr. Rajesh Kaushik

As a Ph.D scholar, he has made presentation at seminars and conferences both at national and international levels. He has been active in the operations as well in an advisory role for various academic institutions and universities.

Shakeel Khan

The young and dynamic officer of Rajasthan Police Mr. Khan is known for his dedication and integrity. The one you can rely upon. An alumnus of the prestigious Saint Xavier School has always been inspiration and moral support to WeCan.