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Centre Heads

Jaspal Kaur (Centre Head – Imli Phatak Centre)

The Avant-garde! She is an ardent thinker and always on the look for new teaching techniques, learning aids, changes in the pattern and updates in teaching methodologies. With years of experience and her innovative vision, she is adding bright colours to the schooling experience of CanStuds.

Anita Gupta (Centre Head - Transport Nagar Centre)

The Eager Beaver! She believes in perfection, and that increases her work manifolds. An idealist, when it comes to performing. As a Centre Head, she yearns her staff to be purist and believes in practically training each of her teacher and student herself. Her energy levels are always
on the fullest, and she can actually do ten people’s job, when it is about WeCan Kindersley. Dedication at its best.

Megha Gupta( Centre Head – Subhash Chowk Centre )

The Technocrat! You think of the latest technology for communicating, she is already on to it. More importantly, she knows how to use it for the amelioration of school, students and parents. She is organized and that’s how she avoids last minute hassles, which comes in very handy for her role of Centre Head. The most calm and composed member of the team.

Nuzhat Hassan (Centre Head – Delhi bypass Centre)

She is a go - getter with an M.Sc in Botany and B.Ed degree and an experience of teaching Science to students of Middle levels. She has showed an immense growth from being an Academic Incharge. Therefore with her counselling abilities and her past experience she has made a position for herself as the Centre Head for Delhi Bypass Branch.

Nupur Gupta (Centre Head – Amritpuri Centre)

The Affectionate! Her affectionate behaviour makes everyone dance to her tune. She gets all her instructions followed with all the sincerity from students and staff. This makes her an effective team leader and result-oriented individual. She is a versatile member who can be trusted for delivering output. Her energy does the rest.

Kavita Barupal (Centre Head - Agra Road Centre)

An achiever whose energy and freshness makes her different. With a M.A. in History & English and B.ed degree along with an experience of teaching Pre- primary classes in different schools in Pali and Jaipur gives her a vast knowledge of dealing and understanding the Pre-primary classes very well. From being an Academic coordinator to the Centre Head itself tells about her passion and hard-work.

Veenu Maheshwari (Centre Head - Ghat Gate Centre)

A manager to the core. Her dedication, hard - work and loyalty has got her where she is now. The Centre saw a very nice start at the inception itself and it is with her non-stop energy of positivity which keeps her going.