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Located within the bare ranges of the ancient Aravalli Hills and in the grandeur of Jaipur, WeCan Kindersley International School amalgamates a harmony of antiquity and novelty.


Through deployment of the best practices in school, we wish to provide an ambience where the knowledge gained is transformed into wisdom which leads to realisation of the fact that ultimate aim of life is ‘bliss’.


Transforming the concept of education in a way that talents and the true potential of children, irrespective of their social and economic status, are tracked


Making international education inclusive and facilitating diverse interactions and exchanges for a truly global learning experience.


WeCan society was set up on December 15, 2003 to work in education sector. This society started a school by the name WeCan Kindersley on February 5, 2006 at Imli Phatak, Jaipur. WeCan Kindersley had 40 students and 4 teachers in first session in 2006 - 2007.

Present Scenario

WeCan Kindersley is now a Middle School ( Play Group to Class 8th ) and has 7 centres with almost 2600 students and 215 staff members.


Director's Speech

As I unfold my thoughts and vision of a decade of WeCan Kindersley; I realize that evolution has been one common thread throughout. Everything changes but change has been the underlying principle of our philosophy to be future ready by being adaptive foreseeing the techno – lingua developments around the globe.

Our meticulous planning has always revolved around the needs and problems of children. We’ve tried to ensure the achievements of each student’s potential – academically, morally, socially, physically and emotionally. I feel honored that we have been fortunate to have enthusiastic and curious students, encouraging, aware and supporting parents, caring, trained and professional teachers, affectionate support staff, and a committed and visionary Academic and Administrative team.

Life is not all plain sailing. Hence we’ve tried to be flexible, understanding and promising to work around difficulties which may arise in the lives of our young charges. We endeavor to make our school a happy place for each child, and it is important, because a happy child learns and excels in every sector. So we believe in imparting knowledge to our students in a manner that it is transformed into wisdom to enable them to realize that the ultimate aim of human life is bliss.

Application Form

At WeCan Kindersley, we want our students to dream, think beyond limitations and boundaries,
act with devotion and commitment and achieve anything that finds a place in their hearts.


I keep sharing my ideas and have the support from WeCan to put them on practice and International Fair was a proof of it. WeCan is doing a great work to make learning better for the future generations. I am very glad to be a part of the team. Thank You Wecan!

Grazi Rodrigues

Overall an amazing 6 months with WeCan. The staff and students were a pleasure to work with.The exchange of knowledge between the staff and I was very valuable and showed almost instant improvement in classrooms. I would highly recommend the experience of interning to anyone else considering it.

Alyce Cleary

I will miss you all my dear students and colleagues at WeCan Kindersley School, Jaipur. This was an amazing life experience and professional experience for me. I got valuable lessons and inspiration for future. Thank you WeCan for being part of my India.

Arpine Galfayan

I expected to do good work in India and I got this opportunity at WeCan Kindersley. Thank you for such a nice experience that I'll never forget.

Oleksandr Pakhomov