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wordsworth-curriculium-logo-300x77Integrate innovate and inspire are the three words that capture the very essence of Wordsworth Education. Wordsworth Education (WE) offers a 21st century education across schools in India. WE bring together many initiatives and create an environment for schools to be truly an international school and to share some of the best practices, strength and expertise within education from around the world. We focus on creating a perfect school to offer welcoming environment with modern teaching and management aides to offer the best possible learning environment for children in India. Our Curriculum focuses on having an inclusive approach to a child’s education with a global and sustainable outlook to learning and education. Our commitment and ambition envisage a world with education for all children with the use the best resources and technology.

wordsworth Education

Wordsworth Education (WE) offers schools across India and Asia with our comprehensive study curriculum- Wordsworth Curriculum. Wordsworth Education is based in Nottingham and is headquartered at University of Nottingham Innovation Park in the iconic Sir Colin Campbell Building. We share our education vision with schools across India. Schools that have Wordsworth Curriculum may be geographically diverse but we are committed for an educational vision which empowers, celebrates diversity and adds value to a child’s holistic and cognitive development.

Founded in 2010, Wordsworth shares the founders’ vision of a global education with a personalised learning space for each child to inspire them to be creative and imaginative.kids

Wordsworth Education and Wordsworth Curriculum and other knowledge management products and programs will enable schools to set themselves apart by offering an international comprehensive and supportive environment, where each child will have a holistic development.

WE bring some of the best teaching and education tools, practices and concepts from UK and Europe. WE offer a twenty-first century education and this commitment comes straight from our vision of a world class education. A vision which challenges some age old believe in education that it is simply a matter of teaching and learning certain skills.

Wordsworth Advantage

Why Wordsworth Education There are many parents, across India, kidswho wish an international standard education for their child. The popularity of schools using technology as a classroom resource is growing nationally as parents realise that a good education is an investment in their child’s future. With ever so competitive society and classrooms, parents would like to have more personalised approach to their child’s education. With our LMS a child will have a personalised universal access to study material, giving them flexibility of time and learning at their own pace. Children can flourish in such an environment. With Wordsworth Education we invest in a curriculum that offers an online curriculum and study material providing not just an ‘all round’ education but an opportunity to excel. Children education with Wordsworth Curriculum helps them to be more confident and comfortable with technology and international standards. This confidence will enable children to take up similar career in the future involving technology and Internet.


Our Philosophy Integrate Wordsworth Education (WE) integrate the best study, social and cultural practices from around the world with technology, to form a curriculum which is holistic and of the international standards. Our research teams have looked extensively in some of the study best practices that have been practiced around the world like in Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA, UK and other European and Scandinavian countries. WE understand that what works in one country may not work in some other culture. That’s why the core of our research is into the cultural values of each country to adapt what’s best for them.


Our inspiration comes from international teaching practices, research and developments. We take lot of inspiration from the future and with a vision to create a world where each child contributes towards society and community.