Reading outside the class (roc) – the book club

Numerous inventive games are held across the calendar year including—Bookmark Design Competitions, Best Book Critique of the Year, Nerd of the Month, etc. The book club is supervised by a head of the department and the school library becomes a sanctuary for avid readers. The rich collection incorporate various classics and those formatted for school students.

Sound bites – the music club

Music is a universal language. While it communicates love, understanding, hatred, compassion and a myriad of other emotions, it teaches fortitude, tolerance and persistence to preserve important ethical values. The student music club at WeCan Kindersley is fuelled by music teachers and instructors at various levels.

Wecan accelerators – the athletic club

The activities of athletic club blend with the school culture of leadership, competition and sportsmanship. Numerous sports competitions are organized round the year to keep the members engaged. The club has won numerous medals and innumerable accolades. Various equipment and infrastructural facilities have been employed to enable students to reach the zenith of their passions.

The talkers – debate team

The student-led debate club at WeCan Kindersley is sponsored by the school and the members get to participate in tournaments across the school year. The students practice communication skills, elocution, debating techniques and negotiation skills. The team is supervised by the English Head of Department.