Action Time

Activity is how children begin to understand and process their world. These activities unlock their creativity and imagination, develop reading, thinking and problem solving skills, as well as further develops their motor skills. It provides the base foundation for learning. Thus at WeCan there is active involvement of child in educative process as we believe in “Whatever has to be learnt must be learnt by doing”.

In our endeavour to give exposure to the outside world CanStuds are taken to various exhibitions and outings organised by different departments of Government. These visits prove to be a great learning experience for our CanStuds.

As we also incorporate CCE pattern in our curriculum, thus the children exhibit their projects in school premises displaying their diligent and contemplative products. The students also elucidate their projects with confidence and zeal. The projects are based on their curriculum in Science and E.V.S . Students explain their projects with full enthusiasm to parents and visitors.

The motive of celebrating all the festivals at WeCan Kindersley with students is to make them aware of cultural diversity in India.