WeCan Schools

When Socrates held education to be “the most powerful weapon to change the world” he assumed that human values will only return to the fore through learning and wisdom. With a similar intention, we created a school which was not merely bricks, mortar and books, but it was something more valuable – it taught students living with human ideals, creativity and resourcefulness. Through WeCan Kindersley, we wanted our students to dream, think beyond limitations and boundaries, act with devotion and commitment and achieve anything that finds a place their hearts.

Our foundations were laid in 2006, when the first of WeCan Kindersley International School opened its doors to 40 students in Jaipur. Since then, Wecan Kindersley International School has been continuously growing, offering quality education to thousands of students.

Located within the bare ranges of the ancient Aravalli Hills and in the grandeur of Jaipur, WeCan Kindersley International School amalgamates a harmony of antiquity and novelty. The international primary school grows from a fresh understanding of child education and development. Diligent in pursuing its “no child left behind” mandate, the school is imbibing a spirit of global nationhood—by offering a nonpareil experience to not just students but also their guardians.

The WeCan Kindersley experience allows students to demonstrate knowledge and skills that are challenged in a vibrant and motivated learning environment. WeCan Kindersley International Primary School curriculum is meticulous in ensuring that each student is acknowledged and valued, with wide enough scope to excel in a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities


Sapientia Et Scientia Pro Felicitas

Knowledge & Wisdom For Bliss


Enhance Knowledge Of Our Students With Ethical & Global Horizon And Enable & Equip Them To Transform This Knowledge Into Wisdom.